Rank Tracker Videos

Our Rank Tracker is packed with key features. We have lots of short videos describing the features, which we have further categorized, to help you quickly find what you need.

Power features

With our self-adjustable systems in place, you get reliable data each time. Enhanced with automatic alerts and other error-proof internal features.

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Practical examples

Join Petar Jovetic from Impression, as he discusses how he uses the advanced capabilities and metrics in our Rank Tracker to devise an efficient SEO strategy.

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Keyword management

Learn all about how you can bring in new keywords, organize, analyze and archive them in our Rank Tracker.

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Keyword & group-level metrics

Discover unique features and metrics in our Rank Tracker such as specialized views in our Rank Tracker, the keyword Opportunity score and the integrated content tracker.

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Reporting features

See how our full CSV export capabilities, unrestricted access to our APIs and our Google Sheets add-on get what you need and how you need it.

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Accuracy-assuring features

Learn more about how we ensure you get accurate data with our fail-safe systems, rank discrepancy checker, search data calibration systems, and more.

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Competition analysis

Learn how our Rank Tracker tracks your competitors and helps you be on top of your game at all times.

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Landing page features

Going one step farther than keywords, learn more about the features we offer from the perspective of your landing pages, such as page issues detection.

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